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Snow Removal Services

The talented snow management specialists at Midwest Weather Snow Management, LLC will be able to meet all your commercial snow management needs.  We specialize in commercial snow removal services and currently service multiple banks, municipalities, office buildings and retail plazas.  See how Midwest Weather Snow Management, LLC can make a difference on your properties.

Reduce Your Snow Removal Costs

The experience of the Midwest Weather Snow Management, LLC on-staff Meteorologists and Operations Manager can help you to reduce your snow removal costs by effective use of manpower and assets.  Our accurate forecasts of onset and duration of winter weather events allow us to reduce our costs of overhead and “wait time” and these savings are passed on to our customers.

Sensitive to our customer’s needs

We cater to our customers.  Our specialized services are designed to fit your budget and needs.  With Midwest Weather Snow Management, LLC as your snow removal provider, you will not have problems with:

Our Local Storage Facilities

Our local salt storage facilities combined with multiple sources of bulk salt providers ensures that we will not run out of salt.  In fact, in our 25 year history, we have never been unable to service our properties due to lack of salt.

A Combination of Experience

We possess over a quarter of a century of successful snow and ice management experience and have combined that with significant winter weather forecasting experience.

This strategy gives us an advantage over the competition in determining when and where to deploy manpower and equipment. Leveraging our knowledge of weather allows us to make the most efficient use of our resources which increases effectiveness and timeliness.

Click HERE to see additional forecasting examples from 2011.

Imagine Better…

Is your snow removal contractor performing in the most cost efficient and effective manner? Do they fail to treat your property in a timely manner during critical times? Do they treat your property at times when it is unnecessary? If so, please read on.

On February 23, 2011, sleet and freezing rain created an historic traffic day across the St. Louis area, including the closure of portions of I-255, I-55, I-64 and the J.B. Bridge. 26 vehicles involved in wreck on I-64; several injured

Here is our forecast from 2:20 a.m. on 2/23/11:
Wednesday morning: Mostly cloudy with a
65% chance of light to moderate and briefly heavy showers of sleet, freezing rain and rain beginning from SW to NE between 4am and 5am. The threat of sleet is mainly at the onset. There is also the possibility of a thunderstorm. Accumulation of sleet, if any, is expected to be 1/4 inch or less. 2am temperatures ranged from 27 to 30 degrees and are expected to rise to around 32 degrees by 7am.


This early warning allowed our crews to be in place before traffic was snarled. In fact, our crews were out well before MoDot.

Our team was forewarned because we have on-staff meteorologists in the Saint Louis area with over 20 years of experience forecasting for the snow removal industry and our Operations Manager has over 25 years of experience in snow removal in the St. Louis area. We have unique experience in determining how winter weather events will impact pavement conditions and have a keen expertise in determining when pavement melting or pavement freezing conditions are likely.

This example illustrates the ability of the MWSM, LLC on-staff meteorologists to provide timely and accurate weather information to our snow removal team so that we can effectively and efficiently service our properties in a timely and cost effective manner.

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